Statement Of Intent

ImPrudent.Collective; Creative research – bringing mental health communities together, within curatorial practices.

Actively exhibiting, creating spaces to safely exhibit art and experience respectfully, maintaining a critical eye when displaying group work. ImPrudent.Collective is a growing group of creatives, who have accessed mental health services in Norfolk and Suffolk – currently based in Norwich. The group’s first exhibition was within Finding A Voice, it has since gained new members and momentum.

The group exists as a way to safely and professionally display creative responses and artworks. By using this approach, collaboratively, creatives will be able to use the platform for their work – to promote a therapeutic and supportive space. 

ImPrudent.Collective‘s aspiration is to highlight the support of networks in previously stated areas, and to let creatives have the opportunity and the experience of exhibiting, within a welcoming atmosphere. Some of the work will be displayed anonymously, but of course with the reinsurance and accountability from the group. We encourage this experience will also help fill the gap that creatives fall down when trying to avoid being stigmatised, due to any current struggles, and/or mental health issues.

We hope to continue to create a positive impact on Norfolk and Suffolk communities with this practice, in a safe and critical approach when curating exhibitions. We want to focus on exhibiting work that discusses mental health experiences, and partaking in research via possible academic collaborations, with the intent to improve mental health and trauma-informed practices across Norfolk and Suffolk. 


Edited by: Betsy (01/03/19 – 19:10pm)